Activities - Attractions - and Things to do

Lavvu Tent

We have a sami style lavvu tent on-site at Skrolsvik Kystferie. The lavvu is located secluded from any nearby population and light pollution. Walking distance from accommodation units ( aprox 200 - 400 meters )

Can be used in combination with observing the northern lights. ( if the sky is clear there is not really any need for chasing the lights, sitting put and just waiting for it coming to you works just as well )

The Lavvu can also be used for overnight sleeping


SnowShoeing is a fun and family friendly way of experiencing winter nature.

Skrolsvik Kystferie has snowshoes available for our guests.

Season:  December - Mars

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing  is a fun, relaxing and family friendly activity.

Skrolsvik Kystferie provides all equippment needed.

Season for icefishing aprox : Jan - March

Sea Angling

Skrolsvik was an active fishing village until the early 1990ies. There were two reception centres for fish which shut down in 1992. The halibut fishery has strong traditions at Skrolsvik, and the the rich halibut fishery in Andfjorden created the fishing village. In the 1930ies, the harbor was filled with boats fishing halibut. The fishing boats came from the communities in the surrounding area, from all of Troms county and as far south as from Lofoten. The first fish reception centre was built in 1872, and at the same time Skrolsvik became a trading place.

Skrolsvik today is well known for its great fishing opurtunities. Skrolsvik is especially known for its rich occurrences of halibut, and has become famous for beeing a top location for halibut angling. There is also an halibut museum in skrolsvik.


With it´s mix of high mountains and friendly scenery, Southern Senja is great for photographing landscapes, birds, animals, flowers, northern lights

Nature and Hiking

Senja is an eldorado for hiking. There are  good marked trails in the area, both easy and demanding trails.

Northern Lights

Skrolsvik Kystferie is located in good distance from nearest town and distracting city ligths. You can watch the aurora from right outside the door.

You won't have to walk or drive far to find complete darkness for a great aurora experience.

Recomended season is from Sep-15. - Mars-31.

Exploring and Sightseeing

Boats, ATV, and Snowshoes are some of the equipment we provide for local exploration of the area.

Senja is a large island with a lot beautifull scenery and landmarks to be experienced.

Midnight Sun

There is midnight sun in Skrolsvik from 21.may - 22.july

The midnight sun can be seen from viewpoints on land and from the sea.